Troy the Subway Trainee is a new character in Chuggington: Meet Thomas, Trainees!. In the series, Troy makes his debut in Lost in Time: The Age of Medieval as a newcomer lost in the world of medieval years ago and brought back to the real world by Thomas and the trainees.

Lost in Time: The Age of MedievalEdit

Voice: Crispin Glover

At the lava bridge, Thomas, Brewster, Wilson, Koko, Hodge and Zephie encounter "the Dark Knight", who to everyone's suprise, is a subway engine really named Troy. Troy tells them of his backstory: how he was made, how he stumbled into a time machine and was lost in the Medieval world. Thomas suggests they come with them to defeat the evil Harritonamor (Harrison) and rescue Prince Eddie (Eddie).

At the entrance of the castle, Troy hatches a plan: he'll sneak up on the guards (Chatsworth and Dunbar) and knock them out. He does this and they inflitrate the castle, coming up on Harritonamor. They defeat him and save Prince Eddie.

However, in the parade, Hodge accidentally blows his horn, bucking the ramp flatbeds off their riders, sending them flying through the air with Troy and back into the real world. They had fallen on their cabs and been knocked out. The movie ends with Troy saying: "Tell that to Eddie."

Chuggington: Meet ThomasEdit

Voice: Charlie Bright

First appearing in the the eighth season's tenth episode, Troy is more different than his movie version . Troy is more childlike than Wilson, and more of a flying engine than the original Chuggington's "Hodge Sails Away". If Troy has interest of breaking any speed record, Troy is normally seen going up to 1000 miles per hour at the speed of 3000. Troy is to appear in the show's finale, when Thomas leaves Chuggington to go back home to Sodor.