The Toy Story 3: Wallstreet Report is a new television sitcom by Cartoon Ringtone Studios. It focuses on latest news about the Toy Story franchise and about Andy's toys' latest upgrades.


It focuses on Andy's toys' latest upgrades and future events they are going to encounter.


  1. Johnny Depp (anchor (all episodes))
  2. Tina Fey (specials)


Season 1:

  1. Woody: Woody's latest upgrade is dark brown hair. His event: Tennis.
  2. Buzz Lightyear: Buzz's latest upgrade is his laser, with a red light "laser" line. His events: cutting metal.
  3. Jessie: Jessie's latest upgrade is a super-kick installed into her boots. Her event: kickball.
  4. Bullseye: Bullseye's latest upgrades are plastic metal horseshoes. His event: trail leaving.
  5. Rex: Rex's latest upgrade is a T-Rex roar voice chip. His event: voice tests.
  6. Hamm: Hamm's latest upgrade is a cell phone. His event: prank calling.
  7. Slinky Dog: Slinky's latest upgrade is a flashlight strapped to his collar. His event: clue finding.
  8. Mr. Potato Head: Potato Head's latest upgrade is a pirate sword arm. His event: coconut cracking.
  9. Mrs. Potato Head: Potato Head's latest upgrade is a slushee that never runs out! Her event: Slushee surping.
  10. Aliens: The aliens' latest upgrades are red and green spacesuits. Their event: fashion show.
  11. Barbie: Barbie's latest upgrade are weights. Her event: weight-lifting.
  12. Emperor Zurg: Zurg's latest upgrade is an ion blaster with green fireballs. His event: target practice.

Season 2:

  1. Ken: Ken's latest upgrade is a leopard-skin disco oufit. His event: leopard-hunting.
  2. Twitch: Twitch's latest upgrade is a ferocious roar heard from 5 miles. His event: voice testing (with Rex).
  3. Stretch: Stretch's latest upgrade is a vaccum mouth. Her event: cleaning everything.
  4. Chunk: Chunk's latest upgrade is a knife. His event: cutting fruit and veggies.
  5. Sparks: Sparks' latest upgrade is a laser slicer. His event: laser tag with Buzz.
  6. Bookworm: Bookworm's latest upgrades include a bright flashlight. His event: finding mutants and monsters.
  7. Jack-in-the-Box: Jack's latest upgrades are a couple of slinkies making him bound higher. His event: jumping contest.
  8. T3SPA: The Three Sunglassed Pizza Men's latest upgrades are laser blasters. Their event: laser blasting.
  9. TMPBT: The McPizzaburgers Trio's events are archery. Their event: Archery.