The Eds Adventures of The Adventures of Captain Brickbeard is the final film in The Eds Adventures series. It features The Eds and all their friends going for their last adventure, which is pirate-themed.


In the film's prologue, we see all the adventures the Eds have had on their journeys. When this ends, the real prologue begins: In 1910, a pirate ship sets off for America. We are introduced to the ship's crew: Captain Brickbeard, Lydia the look-out, Edward the cannonball heister, Carl the gunner, Old Sam the sword-keeper, Leonard, Lydia's pet parrot and Dart the bo'sun. However, while almost exiting the Atlantic Ocean, they are mauraded by Governor Fredrickson, his crew and Captain Skeletorio. Captain Brickbeard yells out his own last words before being killed by Skeletorio: "Lydia, save yourself and the others!". As the ship sinks into the cold water, Lydia, Old Sam, Dart, Carl, Leonard and Edward escape as they mourn the loss of their captain.

100 years later in 2010, The Eds and their crew read a note from a distant studio. It says they are allowed to have their last adventure before having to break-up and return to their own worlds. They try to figure out which genre they should have until Wilt finds a copy of his owner's grandfather's VHS movies: The Adventures of Captain Brickbeard. He inserts it into the VHS player of the The Eds Adventures Crew's lounge's 60 inch plasma TV. It plays the footage from 1950, telling about Captain Brickbeard, a good, unselfish and forgiving pirate captain. The end features the death of Brickbeard. The entire crew races out even before the credits start, beginning their final adventure.

They head to the Atlantic Ocean, with the help of Jack Sparrow & the Black Pearl. They go underwater and meet Brickbeard's soul. He needs to have one more adventure and complete his goal: Return to America. Brickbeard's soul returns to his skeletonized body turning into flesh, returning him and his ship back to the surface. However, he has no crew. The Eds and their crew tell Brickbeard that they will be his crew until they can find Lydia, Dart, Old Sam, Edward, Carl and Leonardo.

Upon finding and saving Brickbeard's crew, defeating Skeletorio, & getting the ship to America after a battle with the Skeleton Army and the British Army, Brickbeard gives them an extra hour to do a goodbye hug and then he ascends to the heavens before he magically and mysteriously teleports everyone to their own worlds, officially ending the series. In the epilogue, the Eds are going to school in the van they called "Central Command" from an episode from their own show, and upon reaching school, the Eds open the door & begin their freshmen years at Peach Creek High, with Ed asking Edd if this is the end, with Eddy responding "It's just the beginning".

The End.