Out of the Wilderness is a new Spongebob Squarepants episode. It focuses on Spongebob and pals going on a camping adventure and meeting a lost fish named Miles.


In a flashback, we see a car carrying babies. While one turns a sharp bend, one of the babies is shown falling out into the woods. The baby is later found by big-horned creatures.

In the present, we see a bus carrying Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Mindy, Triton, Gary and Felix to the woods. They set up their tents in an area called "For Braves Only!".

That night, as they are roasting marshmallows, Felix turns on his electric guitar and starts "The Campfire Song Song". This causes everyone to jam, except for Squidward who goes to play his clarinet away from the campsite. He sees a shadowy figure overlooking him. He is scared and runs back to the campsite.

Next day, the group takes a hike through the woods. They stop short of a river and meet the figure. He tries to ram into him , but misses and is scolded off by Mindy. They head to a wooded area and discuss about the fish. Sandy suggests make friends with him, but Felix tells them it's hard to make friends with someone who was trying to ram you. Spongebob says Felix it's true, but agressive behavior is just one of the many things that can interfere with a friendship.

They continue their hike and return to the campsite with the fish on their trail.