Information Supertop Highway is a new Spongebob Squarepants episode. It features Spongebob, Patrick, Felix, Sandy, Mindy and Gary going on their greatest adventure traveling through the Internet.


The episode opens up on Spongebob writing a love letter to Mindy on his computer. But just when he was about to finish, the wires start to overheat after a circuit accident. It zaps SpongeBob, Gary, Felix, Patrick, Sandy, and even Mindy.

When the gang is in, Felix told them to try to find a way out. But they just get hit by firewalls instead. When Triton (once included in The SpongeBob Movie 2) was looking up things to buy, they keep getting hurt. Patrick yells to Triton out loud but he can't hear them. But when he saw them, he puts a virus defeating system. They looked like red fish with lightning bolts in their teeth. The virus defeating system chases the whole gang which almost ate Gary. But when they entered a hole all of a sudden, it turned black. Then was a strange white hole which sucked them out of the PC. They were now back to their homes.

Meanwhile, SpongeBob finally sent Mindy his love letter.