Chuggington: Meet Thomas, Trainees! is the eighth TV series of Cartoon Ringtone Studios.


It's been at least 4 years since Thomas worked on the Sodor Railway after his adventure on Misty Island, so Sir Topham Hatt sends him to work at the railway of Chuggington for the summer. There he befriends the local trainees Wilson, Koko and Brewster. Now at Chuggington, Thomas has wacky adventures with his new friends. Thomas has a new whistle in the show.


The episodes in line are 625 including 30 seasons.

Pilot: Bang Klang Koko

Season 1:

  1. Can't Catch Koko
  2. Thomas and the Wildebeest (debut of Thomas)
  3. Clunky Thomas
  4. Wilson and the Tunnel
  5. Braking Thomas
  6. RJ and the Magnet
  7. Brewster and the Squirrels
  8. Thomas Gets an Adventure
  9. Koko Goes Bananas
  10. Bang Klang Brewster
  11. Old Puffer Pete's 2nd Tour
  12. Late Again Kevin
  13. Thomas' Smooth Moves
  14. Cool Koko
  15. The Coastal Chugger Championship
  16. Action Brewster and Thomas
  17. Brewster's Puppy Training
  18. RJ's Racearound
  19. Wilson on Call
  20. Rocketing Bound RJ
  21. Thomas and the Dragon
  22. Wake Up Brewster
  23. Wilson Knows Best
  24. Koko Breaks It Off
  25. Thomas and the Ice Cream
  26. Thomas's Scissor-Lifting Tour
  27. RJ's Secret
  28. Brewster's Bannana Bandango
  29. Zephie and Hodge, Ace Reporters
  30. Unfamous Emery
  31. Watch Out Thomas and RJ!
  32. Koko's Hobby
  33. RJ's Giraffe Business
  34. Poor Old Puffer Petey
  35. Unsuspector Emery
  36. Nurse RJ
  37. Thomas' Amazing African Adventure
  38. Rock-a-Bye Irving
  39. Recycling RJ
  40. Koko to the Rescue
  41. Thomas and the Paint Wagon
  42. Kevin Finds Time
  43. Mtando's Royal Tour
  44. Thomas and the Mild Mincing Wagon
  45. Old Puffer Pete's Cab-box
  46. Jet Pack Thomas
  47. Wilson's Little Helper
  48. Bubbly Koko
  49. Thomas Takes Charge
  50. Brewster's Paper Trail
  51. Brewster's Big Show
  52. Training Time Chatsworth

Movie: Thomas, Koko, Wilson, Brewster, Hodge, Zephie, RJ and the Magic Railroad

Season 2:

  1. RJ's New Look
  2. Thomas' Meltdown
  3. Babysitter Koko
  4. Lights, Camera, Action Thomas, Wilson, Brewster and Koko
  5. Brewster and the Steam Team
  6. RJ Sails Away
  7. Stop the Press, Hodge and Zephie
  8. Thomas and the Dinosaur
  9. Quizmaster RJ
  10. The Thomas Booster
  11. Snowstruck Brewster
  12. Heave Ho Chatsworth
  13. Scrub a Chug
  14. Next Stop, Galaxy
  15. Chilli Chuggers
  16. Stunt Thomas
  17. RJ's Icy Escapade
  18. Rolling Reporter Hodge
  19. Brewster and the Bees
  20. Thomas Meets the Mayor
  21. Chuggers of the Year
  22. Fault Finder RJ
  23. Thomas and the Chugnav
  24. A Paint on the Nightshift
  25. RJ's Tall Tale

Season 3:

  1. Brewster and the Grocery Wagon
  2. Milkstand RJ
  3. Thomas and the Giraffes
  4. RJ's Recycling Race
  5. Brewster and the Jet Engine
  6. Thomas and the Haunted Mine
  7. Dunbar's Stormy Tale
  8. Emery Bugs
  9. Thomas, Koko, Wilson, Brewster and the Boulder
  10. Brewster’s Chocolate Crunch
  11. RJ Had a Little Lamb
  12. Thomas Takes a Tumble
  13. A Scarf for Wilson
  14. Thomas, Brewster, Wilson, Koko and the Mail Train
  15. Calley in a Mess
  16. Bernie
  17. Brewster Comes to Breakfast
  18. Moose
  19. Zephie's Predicament
  20. Wilson Takes The Plunge
  21. Boxcars
  22. Koko's Ghostly Trick
  23. Fenders and Fireboxes
  24. The Flying Stormer
  25. Hodge in a Mess
  26. Dunbar's Forest
  27. No Joke for Wilson
  28. Brewster Meets The Queen
  29. Thomas, RJ and the Trouble with Trees
  30. A Better View for Hodge
  31. Put Upon RJ

Season 4:

Note: This is the first season to use only 24 episodes.

  1. Haunted Brewster
  2. Thomas, Brewster, Wilson, Koko and the Roller Coasters
  3. Calley's Windmill
  4. Welcome to the Forty Engines (music video episode)
  5. Thomas and the "Minnesota Cuke and the Cocounut Apes" Video Game Train
  6. You Can Do It, Brewster!
  7. Thomas' New Whistle
  8. Thomas, Hodge, RJ and the Magic Carpet
  9. Wilson's Big Mistake
  10. Thomas, Koko, Wilso, Brewster, Zephie, Hodge, RJ and The Polar Express
  11. Calley's New Route
  12. Milkshake Muddle
  13. Brewster and the Old Mine
  14. Hodge and the Golden Eagle
  15. Ghosts
  16. Hodge's Bluff
  17. Passengers and Freight Cars
  18. Freight Cars and Polish
  19. Brewster's Brass Band
  20. Jenga Wood
  21. Ghost Station 13
  22. Recycle Lock
  23. Train Ahoy!
  24. Brewster's Rooster

Movie: Thomas' Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the Workshops

Season 5:

  1. Comic Calley
  2. Tron
  3. The Hand of Midas
  4. Thomas' Secret Delivery
  5. Trash Trolley
  6. Fixer the New Engine
  7. RJ Gets a Wash
  8. Startrain
  9. Fixer's Night Off
  10. Thomas and the Milk
  11. IQ Fixer
  12. Starlight Express
  13. Train Like Me
  14. Halloween
  15. Echo, Riko, Danny and Austin Visit
  16. Be Our Guest
  17. Braking Fixer
  18. Soap Suds Koko
  19. The Trouble with Dust
  20. Action Fixer
  21. Hodge to the Rescue
  22. Piston Push-Up Koko
  23. Thomas and Fixer
  24. Fixer and the Leaves

Movie: Thomas and the Polar Express

Season 6:

  1. Fixer Strikes Out
  2. Emery Gets Busted
  3. Thomas and the Magnet
  4. Busy Going Backwards
  5. Fixer and the Chickens
  6. Caribou Crossing
  7. The Lost World: Chuggington (special)
  8. Brewster Comes Off the Rails
  9. Thomas' Safari Adventure
  10. Popcorn Fixer
  11. Calley and the Mosquitoes
  12. Brewster's Boxcar
  13. Fixer and the Ice Cream
  14. Dunkin Hodge
  15. The World's Strongest Engine
  16. Roundhouse Sesame Street
  17. Fixer's Little Helper
  18. Koko's Lucky Day
  19. Horseshoe Hodge
  20. Thomas and the Case of Dr. Ling and Ms. Flyde
  21. Fixer's Boxcars
  22. RJ Breaks His Engine
  23. The Golden Sword of Samurai (special)
  24. Thomas and the Tower Crane

Movie: Lost in Time: The Age of Medival (also known as Lost in Time or Knights of the Round Turntable)

Season 7:

  1. The Wizard of Oz (special)
  2. Fixer on Call
  3. Hodge and the Subway Line
  4. Boxcar Runaway!
  5. Thomas and the Haunted
  6. Thomas and the Viaduct
  7. Hodge to the Rescue
  8. Chuggington Race Rally
  9. Topsy Turvy: Big Band
  10. "Vipersonic" Thomas
  11. Thomas Sails Away
  12. Braking Hodge
  13. Hodge and the Haunted
  14. Codex Cars
  15. Hodge the Flying Falcon Engine
  16. Cookies, Pie Fillling, Coleslaw, Turkey, Cranberry and Pumpkin Pie Hodge (Thanksgiving special)
  17. Crabby Calley
  18. 1-2-3-Blast Off Fixer!
  19. Thomas and the Pumpkins
  20. Lost Wilson, Brewster and Koko
  21. Code-Craving Chuggers
  22. Braking Hodge
  23. Thomas Cracks a Piston
  24. "Vipersonic" Hodge

Movie: Twisty Island Rescue

Season 8:

  1. Thomas' Crashin' Smashin' Freight Cars
  2. Cooked-Up Brewster
  3. Squarebox Bricks
  4. Gourmet Chef Eddie
  5. Action Hodge
  6. Watch Out Dunbar!
  7. Thomas, Brewster, Wilson, Koko and Hodge's Halloween Adventure (Halloween special)
  8. Carpenter the New Engine
  9. Newspaper Hodge
  10. Caterpillar on Wheels (first appearance of Troy's TV version)
  11. Kevin Finds Time
  12. Thomas and Twigs
  13. Stampede!
  14. Helicopter Hodge
  15. Troy's Timber Trouble
  16. Nighttime Safari
  17. Thomas vs. Emery
  18. Hodge and the Wildebeests
  19. Nurse Fixer
  20. Dunbar, Irving and Chatsworth: The First Trainees
  21. Thomas and the Pizza Cars
  22. Pizza Deliveries
  23. Calley Cracks A Piston Rod
  24. Dunbar vs. Carpenter

Movie: Short Circuit Trains

Season 9:

  1. Thomas on Call
  2. Grease on the Rails
  3. Thomas and the Chuggington Suspension Bridge
  4. Paint Can Catastrophe
  5. A Chuggington Christmas (Christmas special)
  6. Carpenter Takes Charge
  7. Construction RJ
  8. Thomas' Cement Catastrophe
  9. Cyberspace Central (TV special)
  10. Thomas and the New Engines
  11. Brewster's Rock Concert
  12. Thomas and the Downhill Race
  13. Mining RJ
  14. Angry Trains
  15. Thomas' Lucky Freight Cars
  16. Thomas, Brewster and the Jungle Gardenhouse Race
  17. Creaky Brewster
  18. "Mighty Ol' Hiro" Comes to Town
  19. The Emerald Express
  20. Twilight Express
  21. The Rolling Adventures of Action Brewster (TV movie)
  22. The Stampede
  23. Brewster's Trash-Talk Show
  24. Hodge's Wacky Tour

Movie: Angry Trains: Rio

Season 10:

  1. Chuggington Treasure Island (TV movie)
  2. Rise of the Steam Engines
  3. US Tour!
  4. Runaway in Las Vegas: Part 1
  5. The Return of Starlight Express (special)
  6. Runaway in Las Vegas: Part 2
  7. Braking Zephie
  8. The Big Performance
  9. The Twilight Express
  10. Valentine's Day
  11. Percy Visits
  12. Rolling Stock!
  13. Chuggington: Meet Thomas, Trainees: Pirates Ahoy! (TV movie)
  14. Chill Out, Thomas the Tank Engine! A Chuggington: Meet Thomas, Trainees! Original Movie (special)
  15. The Pharoh's Curse (TV movie)
  16. Thomas and the Witch's Ghost (TV movie)
  17. Believe It or Not, Jessie's Walking On Air
  18. The Fast and Furious Six (TV movie)
  19. Good Mornin'

Season 11: