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Auto B Good 2 is a new TV series by Cartoon Ringtone Studios. It features characters from the original series (with the exception of Mr. Morgan) with some brand-new characters who make their debut on this show.


  • EJ
  • Izzi
  • Billy
  • Johnny
  • Cali
  • Miles
  • Derek
  • Franklin
  • Maria
  • Elrod
  • Brock
  • Professor
  • Marley
  • Charlie (debut)
  • Don (debut)
  • Kabuto (debut)
  • Allie (debut)
  • Nasca (debut)
  • Augusto (debut)
  • Sebastian (debut)
  • Thp. Retieto (debut)


Season 1:

  1. New Cars in Town
  2. Retieto to the Rescue
  3. Sebastian and the Giant
  4. The Freedom Gold Rush Price
  5. No Greater Loyalty
  6. Edvard Javier's Box
  7. Level 99
  8. The Peace Project
  9. Pirates of the Parkway
  10. Shop Til' We Drop
  11. The Land of Rods
  12. Mooshoo Comics
  13. Movie "XDRA"
  14. Issadora's Puppy
  15. Millie and the Millhorns
  16. Home Sweet Home Sweet Home
  17. The Quest for Christmas Island
  18. The Cobra Canyon Sparks
  19. A Whizzling Problem
  20. Stick The Oomph!
  21. Eastern Hero
  22. Extreme Overhaul
  23. The Gift of Frisbee
  24. Breaking Jars

Season 2:

  1. Retieto's Labratory

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